St. Augustine!!!

Alan Surprised me for our 2 year wedding anniversary and he took Avery and I to St. Augustine, it is the oldest founded city in the United States. It is beautiful. It has the oldest schoolhouse, the first motel. I got to see my first lighthouse and it was beautiful at night. It was so fun except for the fact that it was sooo cold. Yes it was cold for Florida weather.


As you can see, we have had a lot of fun these last few months! I am so sorry we are not good at keeping our blog updated. I am just not a blogger :0) But because everyone gets on our case I make an effort every once in a while to put something up. The first picture is Avery loving Pooh bear! She loves her Pooh Bear! We also have our Halloween pictures up and when we took Avery Trick or Treating, if you can't tell Alan and I are dressed up as Boris and Natosha, the Russian Dancers ;0) Avery dancing in her car seat, her crazy hair and the tiger that almost at us, while we were at Disney with my Mom! I also just started a business selling girl's headbands, my business is called "With A Cherry On Top," If are interested in any, or would like to give them as a present, let me know.
All is well, we are just keeping busy, enjoying our new apartment in Winter Garden Florida. Alan is still doing early morning seminary, working at Keynote Arts, teaching piano and voice, being the Stake Youth Choir Director and helping with a big Christmas festival, so if you need me to get a hold of him for you let me know :0) We sure love you and all, thanks for all the fun comments!
I also chopped my hair, this is the shortest I think it has ever been, Alan surprised me with a gift to the salon. I was just needing something in a bad way!!



I Love the Piano!!!


Our Family Trip to Nauvoo, just a few outtakes

We went to go see Uncle Scottie and Eric perform for Vocal Point in Nauvoo, some of my favorite parts were swinging in the swings and being on stage with all the lights and smiling for my Uncles!


Pink, Pink and more Pink!

My Uncle Eric took this of me at Uncle Mikey's wedding. My favorite color is pink!